Online and Non-Online Terms And Conditions

Online and Non-Online Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions apply to all our business with you, whether it is via the website or otherwise.

OUR DETAILS: BENNETT CARDS LTD. Contact Address: PO Box 184 Darwen, BB3 9BA England. (The geographic registered office address may be found at the end of this notice).N.B. Please do not send any orders via post.
Orders may be made by telephone: 033 3355 1313 or
via our website: www.bennettcards.co.uk.

*** For queries: Email via our website ***

OUR TERMS: All use of Bennett Cards Ltd web site (‘Site’) is on the following terms. If you do not agree with the terms, do not use the Site or otherwise order. The terms and conditions are a contract between you and us. These terms apply when you are purchasing goods from us via this website and through the various means that we make available, including phone orders; and orders via the normal postal system. You may wish to print a copy for future reference. We may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. You may request copies at any time (by sending to us a stamped, addressed, A5 size envelope to the above address).

THE PRODUCTS: We produce items particularly suited to those who enjoy sharing in spiritual activities and encouraging others with Bible based information.

INFORMATION: Our aim is to ensure that information on the Site and in our catalogue and flyers is accurate and up to date. Please inform us if you find anything that is incorrect or difficult to understand.

LINKS: No link may be made to this Site without our prior permission to you in writing.

E-MAILS: E-mails sent to us may be read by any one of our staff. In sending your e-mails to us you agree to them being viewed by any of our staff. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, please reply to the email and state that you wish to unsubscribe. Any statements and opinions expressed in an email or its attachments are purely those of the sender and may not represent those of Bennett Cards Ltd. The emails and attachments are intended for the named recipient only and may be confidential. If you are not the named recipient, any copying, forwarding or printing of such emails is unauthorised and may be unlawful. If you have received an email from us in error, please inform the sender immediately. When addressed to our customers, any information provided in an email is subject to our terms and conditions of sale. To the best of our knowledge all our emails and attachments are free from any virus; however, we would advise that the recipient ensures that it is actually virus-free, as Bennett Cards Ltd cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage arising from the use of such emails or attachments.

COPYRIGHT: All items on this Site, in our catalogue and any addendum, including flyers, to the catalogue are copyrighted. Nothing must be copied from this Site or from our catalogue without our prior consent in writing. You may download information for your own personal use, that is, with a view to purchasing items from our Site or catalogue. Otherwise, we do not give permission for you to download, copy, send or retransmit anything from our Site or catalogue in any form whatsoever. The names BENNETT CARDS LTD; KHARISMA PRODUCTS LTD; SAFFRON DESIGNS are our trade names; you may not use them without our permission. All rights reserved.

THE DESIGN: and layout of our website is a copyright of corpdesign.net. No part of the site may be copied or changed without prior permission of Corp Design

PRICES, AVAILABILITY AND DESCRIPTION OF GOODS: All prices relating to goods purchased from us, whether purchased from this website, or from our catalogue, or otherwise, are liable to change at any time without notice. A description of goods on this web site, in our catalogue or otherwise does not guarantee that they will be available at the time of ordering. If you order an item and it is not available, we will contact you to either offer a replacement item or a credit or refund. As our suppliers may at times alter the look of a particular item, we will notify you if we feel the alteration is a significant change, and you will retain the right to refuse goods that are significantly different from the description given by us.

ORDERING AND PAYMENT: ALL payments must be in Sterling (GBP). Payment is, without exception, required with your order. This also applies to orders made well in advance of the projected delivery time (e.g. diaries, special bookmarks and all year text items). You may order online using a debit or credit card; via PayPal or Sage Pay, using a secure server. In opting for this method of payment you agree to the terms and conditions of Pay Pal and/or Sage Pay. You may order and make payment by credit/debit card by telephone on 033 3355 1313 with your order and credit/debit card details. All payments will be taken out immediately and prior to your order being sent. All goods remain the property of Bennett Cards Ltd until full payment is received and retained. To request a catalogue please write, phone, or e-mail us, and send a sae (A5 minimum size envelope). No payments should be made via email

POSTAGE AND PACKING: We offer free second class postage within the UK only. All other postage levels are chargeable. The BASIC cost of postage and packing for delivery of goods WITHIN the UK and where the goods are at or above the minimum order level (“Minimum”) is included in the price of the goods. Postage has been worked out according to the Minimum level. An additional fee as stated in our current literature MUST be added where the Minimum is not reached.

COUNTRIES OUTSIDE OF THE UK: For orders that are to be delivered to COUNTRIES OUTSIDE the UK, the appropriate postage MUST be added (as indicated on the payment page of our website) to cover the extra postage costs, which vary according to destination: These are BASIC COSTS for non-UK destinations. ADDITIONAL P&P costs may be incurred for large orders or very heavy items. If this is the case we will include an invoice with your goods along with payment details. If you return goods because they are unwanted, you must return the goods to us before a refund can be made to you. (This also applies within the UK). All countries outside of the UK and EU (including the Channel Islands) have a surcharge of 20% which is included in the cost of the goods purchased from us

VALUE ADDED TAX: The prices displayed on our site, in our catalogues and flyers etc., are the prices paid by the customer without exception, whether the customer is in the UK and/or EU and liable to pay VAT, or in countries, including dependent territories that are not a part of the UK that are zero-rated. VAT where applicable, is deducted and is paid to HMRC.

HANDLING FEE: A processing charge. This is a small amount charged for additional cost associated with processing the paperwork, especially with regard to orders arriving by post and/or payment by cheque. This amounts to a £1.00 charge on each UK mail order made. Other handling fees may apply to none EU destination. This sum is subject to change by Bennett Cards Ltd.

RIGHTS: While we aim to deliver your goods to you in the shortest possible time (some items may be dispatched immediately or within two weeks and other items within the standard 30 working days “30 days” from receipt of your order). Some items may take longer than “30 days” to deliver if they are special requests; Year text items and/or non-standard stock. Also, pre-order items such as convention notebooks will take longer than the standard 30 days. N.B. Year text items such as diaries and bookmarks cannot normally be delivered before December regardless of when they were ordered: consequently we here seek your agreement, to deliver these items after “30 days”. All orders made during November and December, due to postal delays and the holidays, will be delivered the following (late) January. If this arrangement is unacceptable to you, please do not order.

RETURNS: Unless your order is a personalized item or a special request, you may cancel your order at any time before delivery and receive a refund. You also have the statutory right to cancel your order for any reason within 14 days beginning with the day you receive the goods. Further to you statutory rights described above, we allow you to cancel an order within 30 days of receiving the goods. To cancel an item, you must contact us informing us of your wish to cancel within the timeframes above. You should return any unwanted goods within fourteen calendar days of cancellation. If you are returning unwanted goods, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the goods and your original cost of postage and packing, but not for the cost of returning the items to us. Unwanted goods must be returned unused and in good (as new) condition. By returning goods to us, you acknowledge you will be forfeiting any multi-buy discounts or voucher discounts you originally received. Bennett Cards Ltd cannot be held responsible for tracing or reimbursing the costs of any goods which you return but that fail to be delivered to us. Therefore, when returning any goods to us, please ensure that a) the parcel is securely packaged and clearly labelled with our correct address, b) the proper amount for postage is paid on the parcel (N.B. DO NOT send using 'Return to Sender'.) If goods are sent back to us without the proper postage, this will be charged to you, and c) that you obtain a tracking number and/or “Proof of Posting” receipt, or preferably send using “Recorded Deliver” or “Special Delivery”. The cost of sending back to us unwanted goods other than faulty items, will be borne by you, the one who purchased the goods. You will be responsible for tracing items lost in the post (using your tracking number and/or “Proof of Posting”, “Recorded Delivery” or “Special Delivery” receipt) while being sent back to us. REFUNDS: You will be refunded once the items are returned to us in good condition within fourteen calendar days of cancellation. (Telephone: 033 3355 1313 or email via our website at www.bennettcards.co.uk or write to PO Box 184 Darwen, BB3 9BA England).

FAULTY GOODS: you have a right to return faulty goods in line with the Consumer Rights Act 2015; however, where these faults are discovered immediately after receipt of the goods, these should be returned immediately. You should make contact with us immediately explaining the problem. Your statutory rights are not affected regarding faulty goods. Where you feel that goods are faulty; for direction on how to proceed, please contact us BEFORE returning the items. (Telephone: 033 3355 1313 or email via our website at www.bennettcards.co.uk or write to PO Box 184 Darwen, BB3 9BA England).

DISCOUNTS: We reserve the right to add, remove, or modify discounts to our customers. Discounts given for purchases made online are given due to the fact that time is not used as would be the case in taking phone and postal orders. Therefore, such discounts will be declared null and void if you later request that your order be modified in some way. While we attempt to make our various offers and discounts available to all our customers, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to make all customers aware of these offers in time for them to be used.

VOUCHERS: Vouchers provided by and through us cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher. Multiple vouchers can never be accepted. Such vouchers are only valid within the time given on the voucher and/or website, catalogue.

LIABILITY: As information on our Site is provided free of charge, we do not accept liability for it. We will not be liable to you for any indirect or consequential loss, loss of profit, revenue, or goodwill, or personal harm or injury arising from your use of our Site or information on our Site.

LAW: You agree that English law shall apply to these terms and to submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts if a dispute arises. We aim to ensure our Site complies with English law but not laws of any other country. If there is anything on the Site that you are not allowed to access or see under laws to which you are subject, cease using the Site immediately.

GENERAL: Any formal legal notices should be sent to us by email via our website at www.bennettcards.co.uk, and write to PO Box 184 Darwen, BB3 9BA England) i.e. by e-mail confirmed by post. Failure by us to enforce a right does not result in waiver of such right. You may not assign your rights under this agreement. (We may amend these Terms at any time by posting a variation on our Site).

PRIVACY POLICY: Bennett Cards Ltd guarantee our commitment to respecting and protecting your online privacy. This includes your need and your right to know what we do with the personal information you share with us. It also guides our company’s policies regarding the management of this data, including how the information is collected, processed, and for what purposes. “Bennett Cards” refers to the web pages. By accessing this website you are consenting to the way information is collected and used, as described within this Privacy Policy. In return, Bennett Cards Ltd gives the commitment that we will use the personal data you provide only in ways that are compatible with the following Privacy Policy. The collection of information: Every time you log on to our website your IP (Internet Protocol) address registers on our servers. Your IP address reveals no information other than the number assigned to you. We do not use this technology to get any personal data against your knowledge or free will (i.e., automatically recording e-mail addresses of visitors). Nor do we use it for any purpose other than to help us monitor traffic on our website, or (in case of criminal activity or misuse of our information) to cooperate with law enforcement.

COOKIES: Bennett Cards Cookie Policy: Understanding how and why we use cookies: We use cookies on our site (and on any other subsidiary site: all our other sites are subsidiary to this one,) to create the most secure and effective website possible for our customers. Among other things, cookies allow you to log on to allow you to order from us via the internet in the easiest and most efficient way.

Bennett Cards Ltd may send “cookies” to your computer. Cookies are fragments of data sent through the web server and stored in your hard drive. Cookies cannot read the files stored in your computer, nor can they gather information. The purpose of cookies are just to monitor the traffic on the site, so we know which pages you have visited or customized, making it easier for you to download the information the next time you look at our pages.

Please note: Bennett Cards Ltd does not sell the information to advertisers, nor does it change your computer settings. You can reset your browser to refuse cookies or to notify you when a cookie is sent, although doing this may interfere with the quality and speed of your browsing experience, since some features will not work as they were meant to.

SHOPPING CART:We use a session cookie to remember your log-in details and what you have put in your shopping basket. These we deem strictly necessary to the working of the website. If these are disabled then various functionality on the site will be broken.

DATA PROTECTION: Personal data is held in accord with the UK Data Protection Act. We will not pass on to third parties any of your details. The details that you supply to us will be used only in connection with our business with you, which would include the sending of information to you about new products etc.

Registered in England - number 5191099

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Registered Office: C/O PM&M, Greenbank Technology Park, Challenge Way, Blackburn, BB1 5QB

N.B. No orders for goods, or general queries, or returned goods should be sent to the above registered address. Please send any written, queries to PO Box 184 Darwen, BB3 9BA England, or you may email us via our website: www.bennettcards.co.uk, or telephone 033 3355 1313.


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