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Bennett Cards Online Reward Points - Giving you something back
As of 20th May 2013, we started giving you reward points on your orders.

What are Bennett Cards Reward Points?

Bennett Cards Reward Points are our way of saying thank you and giving you something back when you place an order with us. You get Reward Points when you place an order with us, and you can also spend these when you have collected enough.

When are they given out?

Reward points are given to you when you place an online order with Bennett Cards on qualifying orders.
You get one point for every one full pound (GBP) you spend, so as long as your order totals over a pound, you will get reward points with your order. Sometimes you may get more than one point per pound if there is a special offer. We reserve the right to change this at any time.

How much are Bennett Cards Reward Points worth?

Generally, one point is worth one penny (£0.01 GBP). Terms apply. We reserve the right to change this at any time.

How do I redeem my Bennett Cards Reward Points?

You can spend your points on qualifying online orders only. When points are available, you can select them as a part-payment option in the checkout.
The value of the points will be deducted from the price of the order, before any postage is added. You can spend points in multiples of 100.
Therefore, the minimum amount of points you can spend at any time is 100 points.
The order value (before postage, and after any other discounts) must total more than the value of your points you are claiming.

When can I redeem the points?

Points that are awarded with an order are available to spend 14 days after the order has been fully dispatched.

Do I earn Reward Points on pre-orders?

Yes, the points will be available 14 days after the order has been fully dispatched.

What happens when I return an item?

If items are returned on an order where points have been awarded, the points will be re-calculated and deducted off your points balance. Where the points balance is zero (e.g. where the points have already been spent), we reserve the right to deduct the equivalent value in GBP from any refund owing.

If the order was purchased or part purchased using Reward Points, the reward points will be refunded to your account.
Reward points will be refunded as the first method of refund before any money is refunded.

How do I find out how many Reward Points I have?

Reward Points can been seen in your Reward Points Statement on your online account.

We reserve the right to change any of these terms at any time.


Points can be collected on the full order value (before postage and after discounts) of orders even when points are also being claimed. For example, if your order comes to £10, and you spend/deduct £5 worth of points, you will still collect points on the full £10.
Points can only be collected and can only be spent on online orders. Points cannot be collected or spent over the phone or by mail order.