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Go Bag
Do you have your Go Bag ready?

Go Bags aren’t just for disaster areas, but also for other emergencies, for example: being stranded in your car due to snow.

Download our free printable 3 fold leaflet. In this leaflet you will find:

  • Suggested Survival Tin contents
  • Suggested Go Bag Contents
  • Tick boxes to mark off items as you add them
  • Suggested contact list
  • Useful survival information
  • How to use certain items (eg. use your watch as a compass)

  • As most of us find it hard finding time to source Go Bag items, we have put together this handy downloadable leaflet which will prove useful to you.

    We have also sourced some of the essential items for you, which you can order here.
    Useful Survival Information
    Using a watch as a compass
    If you don't have a compass, it is possible to use an analogue watch as a compass instead.

    Hold the watch flat/horizontal and point the hour hand in the direction of the sun.
    “Halve” the angle between the hour hand and the 12 on the watch.
    This now points at North/South (depending on if it is before or after noon)

    Example. It is exactly 4pm. Point the hour hand at the sun (the 4 is at the sun). “Halve” the angle (or number) between the hour hand (4) and 12. This will be 2 on one side, and 8 on the other side, on the watch face. Draw an imaginary line between 2 and 8, and this is the imaginary compass needle.

    You will find more information on this in the Survival Tin

    A mirror can be used to reflect sun light to signal help.

    Don’t forget your pets. If you have a dog for example, do you have a lead to hand and pet food in case you need to leave in a hurry. But remember, never to go back into a dangerous situation to rescue a pet.

    Plastic Sheet
    A plastic sheet can be used to keep you dry as covering or on the floor, and can also be used to trap water. A thicker plastic sheet is ideal, as well as thinner bin bags for using in the same way, and can also be used as a poncho etc.

    You may need batteries for a torch, a radio, or other items if they aren't wind-up/solar powered. Keep different sizes of batteries depending on the items in your bag. Remember, the power of batteries fade over time, and can also start to leak, so check them regularly. You can buy adapters and battery packs.

    Information Cards
    You should keep a list out of your bag of items that need replacing, and when. For example, food, batteries etc & expiry dates.

    Food and Water
    You should have a 3 day supply of food and water that should be long life. Tinned and dried food is ideal. Also commercially bottled water will have a longer “shelf” life than bottling your own.

    Candles can be used for heat and light. They are also good for lighting a fire, as matches can burn out easier/quicker. Using Soya candles can also double as back-up food...but do make sure the candle is edible when buying!